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At Your Own Risk

At Your Own Risk

Czech republic163 736
Slovak republic3 845
Czech Republic, 92 min
© 2007 IN Film Praha, Infinity Prague, Media Pro Pictures
Filip Renč
Walter Kraft
Petr Hojda
Jiří Langmajer, Filip Blažek, Václav Jiráček, Miroslav Krobot, Lucia Siposová, Marcel Iures, Raluca Aprodu, Ladislav Ondřej, Lamia Beligan, Constantin Barbulescu, Nicodim Ungureanu, Luboš Veselý, Corneliu Jipa, Jana Pidrmanová, Jiří Bábek, Lucie Trmíková, Jan Svěrák
CZIN Film Praha
SKIN Film Praha
WorldMedia Pro Distribution

Owner of a travel agency specializing in extreme sports gets interesting job - down the dangerous Black River, running through rugged canyons of the Balkan Mountains. The client who initiated the whole expedition has, it seems, a very serious reason for wanting to go to the area where one  Czech paddler had died under mysterious circumstances. For Sasha is almost forgotten secrets associated with a family tragedy and trauma and now he has a chance to learn the truth. This attractive adventure will bring together a group of unsuspecting people, for which the path is only interesting trip. In the following days, however, they have to go not only to the bottom of physical strength, but also to discover the truth whatever it si. Rafting becomes a battle with nature, but also conflict with the law, with their own forces and their own conscience. The road full of stressful situations change fundamentally each crew insight to life.

An exciting story with a mysterious plot is a dynamic action - a group of people takes on the uneven contest with the wild natural elements, law enforcement officers and their own limitations.