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Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven
Czech republic327
Slovak republic12 807
Slovakia / Czech Repulic, 103 min
© 1997 IN Film Praha, Charlie’s , Slovenská Televízia Bratislava
Eva Borušovičová
Ivan Král
Dodo Šimončič
Slávka Halčáková, Zita Kabátová, Emília Vášáryová, Milan Mikulčík, János Bán, František Kovár, Jan Kačer, Juraj Nvota, Ján Kroner
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PLIN Film Praha
WorldIN Film Praha

BLUE HEAVEN is a poetic tragicomedy about tree women of different generations and nationalities : mother, daughter and grandmother, Czech and Slovak.

The tree women live in between the city and the countryside and struggle to cope with the daily problems of a forced coexistence. out of a sincere effort to help one another comes pain - they would like to understand one another, but are not always able to. Each strives for happiness and, if this were real life rather than a film, they would probably carry the moon for one another.   

There is something else, too. Something which constantly  disrupts their apparently peaceful existence. men. Men who come and go. But there is only one Mr. Right. And it is because of men that they all suffer and make mistakes. These mistakes have their origins in the past but are destined to reappear...

Throughout the story, stars fall, apples ripen, fires burn in the furnace, cats wail and unfulfilled dreams die.

In the end, it as if the women have found what they were looking for and the stork might once again settle on the chimney, a symbol of new beginnings, new hope and understanding, the solidarity between parents and children.