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Everything I like

Everything I like

Everything I like
Czech republic2 174
Czechoslovakia, 90 min
© 1992 Charlie’s, Slovenská Televízia Bratislava
Martin Šulík
Vladimír Godár
Martin Štrba
Juraj Nvota, Gina Bellman, Zdena Studenková, Viera Topinková, Anton Šulík, Rudolf Sloboda, Jakub Ursiny, Jiří Menzel, Oľga Vronská, Marta Rašlová, Viktor Blaho, Daniela Kuffelová, Alena Srbecká
CZIN Film Praha
SKIN Film Praha

The story of Thomas, a thirtyeight-year-old man, who arrived at a major crossroad of his life. He gets an offer from a yong Englishwoman to break out with her, so he could finally move out of his lethargy and insecurity in which he has sunk. Thomas out of work at the moment and although he collects material regarding life stories of people he likes, he doesn ´t have enough inner motivation to bring it all to the end. And so it ´s just fragments of bizarre statements, which mix up with the tragicomical situations of his own life.