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Czech republic36 474
Slovak republic49 011
Slovakia / Czech Republic / France, 99 min
© 1995 Charlie’s, Slovenská televízia Bratislava, Artcam, Slovenská filmová tvorba
Martin Šulík
Vladimír Godár
Martin Štrba
Marián Labuda st., Roman Luknár, Zuzana Šulajová, Jana Švandová, Katarína Vrzalová, Dušan Trančík, Ján Melkovič, Stanislav Štepka, František Kovár, Marta Rašlová, Marián Labuda ml.
WorldIN Film Praha

Thi film is a story of a country. It consists of tales of people who lived in it and who still living there. The story has no desire to be a history although from the individual fortunes a pictures is gradually assembled of the era,its starry moments and its tragic moments and its tragic moments.

At the beginning there is a miracle: Doctor Roth returns life to little Imrisko by blowing cigar smoke into him. Then we encounter the young soldier Cypro who, after the heroic deed of making love, gains a watch from Madam Agatha. The beggar Cyril Polka steals a haggis – and only Saint Christopher can save him from shame  and the gendamerie. Joy and cheerfulness diminish as war comes. Doctor Roth and his family disappear into a concentration camp and he never returns. Three armies pass through the yard of the Kamas family as if it were a miniature battlefield of the Second World War. We experience a tale with a happy ending: from the stomach of the a deaf –and –dumb goatherd an adder is lured with help of warm milk.New times arrive with the promise of aquality for all, but shortly after, the new regime begins to liguuidate the best. The tailor, Ondras, a well-know wit,has his workshop nationalised and is imprisoned as an anti-social element. Priest are also arrested. The landscape remains without God. The ground becomes slowly populated as one soul after another is added to the cemetery. The human population decreases and that of the birds and animals in the forest descreases. The stories culminate with the tales of the poacher, Imro Korman, who puts down iron traps throughout his life only to be killed himself by iron. The film is about a country which is a s if it never existed because nobody remembers it and nobody speaks about it. So let´s try and begin. Perhaps afterwards this country will appear on somebody´s map.