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Czech republic157 867
Slovak republic6 582
Czech Republic, 98 min
© 2011 IN Film Praha, Infinity Prague
Jan Hřebejk
Vladivojna La Chia
Martin Šácha
Ondřej Vetchý, Anna Linhartová, Zita Morávková, Aňa Geislerová, Hynek Čermák, Alena Mihulová, Rebeka Lizlerová, Miroslav Hanuš, Luděk Munzar, Daniel Czeizel
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Our film is a story about love and the many faces it wears. Love motivates the actions of all our characters. None of the characters in this family drama is a priori evil. The paradox-driven plot is motivated by love of various kinds: parental love, conjugal love, love between friends, betrayed love, unrequited love, obsessive love, untruthful love, forbidden love, and illicit love. Behind each type of love lies a single, narrow, personal point of view, one personally experienced truth. Can a picture of love in its entirety be assembled from these scraps of personal truth? Some fragments of the picture will always be missing.The main character of the film is post-accident therapist in the pediatric clinic - Tomáš. One of his patients falls in love with him and about her fantasis she writes a diary. Her oversensitive mother finds this and she notifies the police.

One day you are a respected doctor working at a leading clinic. You and your family are well off, you have an adolescent daughter you see yourself in. You are a man in the best years of your life and you are at the centre of goings-on in your environment – you hold up the sky like the mythical Atlas.The next day you wake up in custody, accused of a serious crime that is hard to controvert. You lose your freedom and the trust of those around you. All the threads that tie you to the world begin to snap, one after the other, and the sky comes crashing down on you and on your nearest and dearest. The ex-husband of Tomas’s wife Milada Lada, is a police detective. Fate serves him up an opportunity to get revenge. At the end he prooves Olinka´s lie and vindicates Tomas. But after that comes to light a real Tomas´s life story - a secret love triangle. Many years earlier, Tomas maintained an affair with Milada’s sister Lida, who was desperately in love with him. When he made her older sister pregnant, however, he decided to marry her. But he was unable – or unwilling – to end the affair with Milada’s sister and kept her in a position of mental and physical dependence.

Lida was unable to break free of Tomas’s influence, she never found another partner. Thanks to the confrontation with Olinka, the blinkers finally fall from Lida’s eyes. In this way Lida breaks free of all the paralyzing dependencies caused by feelings of guilt and Tomas finds himself caught in a new, private trap: he is forced to take responsibility for his actions.