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A Prominent Patient

A Prominent Patient

Czech republic340 397
Czech Republic, Slovakia, 114 min, 1:1,85, Dolby digital, DCP
© 2016 IN Film Praha, Rudolf Biermann, Česká televize, RTVS
Julius Ševčík

Written by:
Alex Koenigsmark
Petr Kolečko
Julius Ševčík

irector of Photograpy:
Martin Štrba

Karel Roden, Oldřich Kaiser, Hanns Zischler, Arly Jover, Eva Herzigova,
Paul Nikolas, Milton Welsh, Emília Vašáryová

Julius Sevcik’s new film MASARYK, which deals with one stage in the life of diplomat and politician Jan Masaryk, is coming to cinemas on 9 March 2017.

The lead character of Masaryk is played by Karel Roden, an exceptional Czech actor in one of his best career roles. The cast is full of leading Czech actors playing real historical figures: Oldrich Kaiser as President Benes, Jiri Vyoralek as Konrad Henlein and Robert Jaskowa as Emanuel Moravec. Czech model Eva Herzigova makes a return to Czech cinema in the role of one of Masaryk’s lovers. There are also roles for Emilia Vasaryova, Zuzana Kronerova and Martin Hoffman.

Masaryk is a Czech-Slovak production by Rudolf Biermann’s IN Film and features a number of European actors.  The psychiatrist Stein is played by German actor and writer Hanns Zischler, who appeared in Spielberg’s famous drama Munich.   Others appear as prominent figures on the political and cultural scenes of the day: the writer and later Masaryk’s fiancée Marcia Davenport is played by Spanish actress Arly Jover (Blade, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo); prime minister Neville Chamberlain by British actor Paul Nicholas; British foreign secretary Lord Halifax by Dermot Crowley (Babel, Luther TV series, Raw); and French foreign minister Bonnet by Milton Welsh (Grand Hotel Budapest, The Ghost Writer).

The film is co-produced by Czech Television. Other co-producers are RTVS: Slovak Radio and Television and ZDF and Arte.