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Novel for men

Novel for men

Czech republic501 591
Slovak republic93 527
Czech Republic, 95 min, dolby digital, 1:2,35
© 2010 IN Film
Tomáš Bařina
Michal Viewegh
Zdeněk Vřešťál
Miroslav Donutil, Miroslav Vladyka, Vanda Hybnerová, Táňa Pauhofová, Jan Budař, Filip Čapka, Ági Gubíková, Pavel Řezníček, Igor Chmela, Lukáš Langmajer, Pavel Šimčík, Maxmilián Mráz, Pavlína Jurková, David Šír, Jana Štěpánová, Lukáš Vacek, Václav Legner, Pavel Göbl, Zuzana Koliandrová, Václav Drahotínský, Michal Pátek, Ivan G'Vera, Jakub Adamík, Ivan Kollár, Daniela Ernestová, Jakub Tlapák, Lukáš Houdek, Magda Chýlková, Michal Soltézs
CZBontonfilm theatrical rights
WorldIN Film Praha

It is a story of three siblings, orphans, who had to take care of each other since they were kids. The situation affected their lives significantly. The oldest Cyril has grown up into a corrupted judge who loves luxury and takes everything he wants without remorse. His younger sister Aneta is an investigative journalist. Idealist who dedicates her life to her work and that causes relationship problems. The middle sibling Bruno is a sissy. Thanks to compromises he avoided real life, nowadays he secretly traces young stripper Tali on web. At the beginning of the story we learn that Bruno is incurably ill, this tragic news brings the three siblings together. Cyril decides to redeem from his arrogance by managing a luxury week trip to High Tatras. As a gift for Bruno he brings for journey also the stripper Tali. Due to the total lack of basic empathy Cyril turns all the well thought deeds to embarrassments and assaults. He has habit to dominate everybody and everything. Tali proves herself unexpectedly as a girl of a broad heart and her innocent and silly questions provoke in all companion radical changes. Tali spends an i romantic night with Bruno on the Top of Lomnicky Peak without having sex. This experience brings Bruno to courage to change radically. Since then he is decided to not avoid problems. Aneta thanks to Tali comprehends her conrol over men if she manages to act like a woman. Cyril sleeps with Tali in the end and decides to keep her. Tali manages her goal – to find a rich, ambitious man who will take care of her. This provokes her jealous lover Rene who decides to kill Cyril. Rene is thanks to Bruno captured and sentenced to jail for the murder attempt. Cyril stays with Tali and Bruno together with Aneta are going home. Both are now appeased with life and death.