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Orbis Pictus

Orbis Pictus

Orbis Pictus
Czech republic4 309
Slovak republic37 465
Slovakia, 105 min
© 1997 Charlie’s, IN Film Praha, Česká Televize, Slovenská Televízia Bratislava
Martin Šulík
Vladimír Godár
Martin Štrba
Dorota Nvotová, Emília Vášáryová, František Kovár, Marián Labuda st., Božidara Turzonovová, Július Satinský, Marián Zednikovič, Anton Šulík, Hana Gregorová, Szidi Tobias, Ján Melkovič
WorldIN Film Praha

The main heroine of our story is sixteen years old Tereza. A girl with a simple, even childish, view of the world, yet gifted with fantasy and spontaneous happiness. One day she is forced to leave the vocational school for tailors she’s been attending. She losses all her life certainties and leaves an environment in which she  had to make no decisions for herself - an environment she understood.

 She decides to go up to the capital and find her mother who has not cared for her for years. The only lead she has is an old map into which Tereza notes down all her adventures. A strange journey across Slovakia turns out to be her maturity test. She experiences a lot of incredible and mysterious adventures that make her realise a great deal about herself as well as our weird world. From the very beginning Tereza gets to face really strange situations. In each one of them she finds a newly discovered view on the primary things in our lives.

 "Orbis pictus" attempts to create a modern picaresque film documentary that would give name to present our world in a special symbolical way. The line between the real world and illusion is often crossed, the everyday reality dissolves into an absurd tragicomic mysticism. The contrast between the traditional narrative form and its modern content should provide a source of delicate humour to show the story from an easy and playful perspective.