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Czech republic263
Slovakia / Czech Republic, 90 min
© 2002 Charlie’s, Česká Televize
Laura Siváková
Tomáš Juríček
Peter Bebjak, Ján Kroner, Diana Mórová, Klára Dubovicová, Zuzana Mauréry, Eva Mária Chalupová, Ivo Heller

The main representatives of the story are mother and her three daughters. Mother is for her daughters a model of a bossy woman who they do not understand and who they feel respect to. And eventhough they disere her love, openness and friendship with whole their hearts, they can not get closer to her. They do not understand what was the cause that the mother was not able to love them all together, without allways chosing only one of them as a toy, and then soon tosses her into a corner for all their lives. They do not understand their mother's discontent with her own life. They do not know anything about her unfulfilled desire for a career, her unloved husband, about her secret love for a young man.

Story is framed by a serious event, which is an incurable disease of the mother. Because of this medical report the daughters come to the old house. And, paradoxically, just on the background of this unpleasant fact they are forced to confront and seek the path together.