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Czech republic240 312
Slovak republic19 422
Czech Republic, 115 min
© 2013 IN Film, Česká Televize
Alice Nellis
Matěj Cibulka
Boleslav Polívka, Miroslav Krobot, Karel Heřmánek, Marián Geišberg, Vojtěch Dyk, Zuzana Bydžovská, Jenovéfa Boková, Richard Genzer
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REVIVAL is a comedy that tells a story of four musicians whose rock band "SMOKE" broke apart under unclear circumstances in 1972, and who - from different motivations - decided to try on its spectacular comeback.

The motivations are various - the money, the desire for the lost glory, the desire to help a friend, but also a fear of infirmity, illness and death. But whatever the original motives may be, these aging men begin to play again and as they begin to enjoy the music, friendship and life on the stage (and beyond), their plans and ambitions begin to change. And after all they change themselves too. At the end they manage to reveal one big mystery - why the group broke apart in 1972.

And how Alice Nellis - the director characterizes Revival? "Revival is a tragicomedy about aging, rock´n´roll and fraud, which came out wonderfully, by not being successful. Four main characters meet famous song by Jethro Tull "Too old to rock´n´roll, too young to die." But perhaps, they decided to fight with the "too old to rock´n´roll". It is also the story of four people who late socialism and revolution took to very different life situations, but who nevertheless still have something in common - there is a few things that they would like to do before they resign to their lives. The idea of ​​a joint revival offers each of them the way out, however from very different problems. And also it is a film about the fact that music, over which our parents were offended by, will be the one our children will laugh to. And that's okay. "

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