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Czech republic219 614
Slovak republic25 894
Czech Republic / Rumania / Slovakia, 105 min
© 2007 IN Film, Infinity, Media Pro Pictures, Česká Televize, Anna Kováčová

Jiří Vejdělek
Vojtěch Lavička
Jakub Šimůnek
Bolek Polívka, Marián Labuda st., Oldřich Vlach, Vladimír Javorský, Jaromír Nosek, Miroslav Hanuš, Eva Nosálková-Leinweberová, Jean Constantin, Saša Rašilov nejml., Jiří Plachý ml., Jitka Ježková, Dorota Nvotová, David Šír, Jitka Moučková, Viliam Čonka

ROMedia Pro Pictures
WorldIN Film Praha

Roming is a comical road movie about three Romas’ journey from North Bohemia to Slovakia. Jura is a modern, rational young man who is studying at university and doing well. When his father asks him to go to Slovakia with him to meet his bride-to-be – from an agreement Jura’s father made with his best friend when Jura was still a boy – Jura can’t believe his ears. At first he rejects the ridiculous request, but it doesn’t take long before he folds under his father’s emotional blackmail. Together with the temperamental and uncontrollable family friend Stan, they set off in an old delivery van on a cross-country trip… Roming will be an exceptional film in all ways. Just below the surface of the comedy-road movie genre is the universal message of human solidarity, tolerance, and searching for one’s own identity. The screenplay won the Sazka Prize and came in first in the national round for the international Hartley-Merrill Prize.