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Czech republic488 899
Slovak republic91 496
Czech Republic, 82 min
© 2008 IN Film Praha, Infinity Prague
Jan Hřebejk
Jan Malíř
Jiří Macháček, Pavel Liška, Emília Vášáryová, Nina Divíšková, Pavel Landovský, Vlado Hajdu, Roman Luknár, Simona Babčáková, Karel Gott, Halina Pawlowská, Hana Hegerová, Vica Kerekes, Ester Janečková, Přemek Podlaha, Hana Seidlová, Lukáš Příkazký, Štefan Capko, Tomáš Hanák, Jiří Fero Burda, Milan Šteindler, Petr Čtvrtníček, Petr Malásek, Zdeněk Fišer, Vanessa Biermannová, Martina Krátká, Michal Viewegh
WorldIN FILM Praha

The screenplay "an unromantic comedy about marriage and sex", as Michal Viewegh ironically overstates the forthcoming film, is loosely based on his successful book Povídky o manželství a o sexu (Stories of Marriage and Sex). The authors selected the most well-known texts (Nos (Nose), Ikea v naději (Ikea in Hope), Štafeta lidství (The Relay Race of Humanity), Umění žít sám a štastný (The Art of Living Alone and Happily)), created several entirely new characters - and successfully brought it all together in a comedic story about looking for true love... Oskar, as opposed to the original story, is not a well-known writer but a no less well-known television weather reporter, who goes through a promiscuous period of bachelorhood after getting divorced from his wife Zuzana. There is still however one delectable woman whose heart he has been unable to conquer: his colleague Eva, a married moderator from the morning show. Oskar tries to entice her by rather sordid means: with the help of Sandra the astrologer he first puts the idea into Eva's head that they are cosmically predestined for one another - and then he persuades her to send her husband Matěj to the mountains for a weekend with their daughter; for his plot to be successful he then falsifies the television weather forecast and pretends in front of the whole country that the weekend is going to be sunny... in the meanwhile however Oskar's ex-wife Zuzana gets together with Matěj with the hearty encouragement of Oskar's mother... One of the women that Oskar meets in the course of the film is a singer named Nora who is 20 years his elder and with whom he has a fling. It is she who sings the song "Man and woman" on a concert which will probably be filmed in Opera house in Pilsen.