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The Constitution "a love story abou hate"

The Constitution "a love story abou hate"

Croatia republic, 93 min, DCP

Rajko Grlić

Ante Tomić and Rajko Grlić

Ivan Maloča

Stjepan Perić, Dražen Ķühn, Ecija Ojdanić, Milan Štrljić, Olga Pakalović, Alma Prica

“The Constitution” is a very intimate love story of three people who live in the same building in the center of Zagreb. It is a story of three people very different in terms of social status, sexual orientation, political views and in terms of the religions to which they do or do not belong. In our story, what connects them is not only the space they live in, but also their, often mutually confronted, demons from the past; demons which force them to live in the past rather than in the present.

Vjeko (60) is a high-school teacher who has devoted his entire life to the study of the Croatian history and language. He lives in a messy, neglected apartment in the centre of Zagreb with his father Hrvoje (91). During the Second World War, his father was an Ustasa – an officer in the Croatian fascist army – and has now been bedridden for over six years. On top of everything, less than a year ago Vjeko tragically lost the love of his life, Bobo (54), a cellist.

Lacking any will to live, and seriously preoccupied with suicidal thoughts, the only thing Vjeko enjoys are late night walks during which he wanders through the empty city wearing makeup and female clothes. One night a group of young men stop him, beat him up, piss on him and leave him lying unconscious in the street. In the hospital, Maja (48), a nurse living in the basement of the same building in which Vjeko lives, recognizes him and takes care of him.

After Maja helps him come home, she starts taking care not only of him but of his immobile father too. In return, Vjeko agrees to help Maja’s husband, a police officer Ante (50), prepare the exam in Croatian Constitution. Ante, who has learning difficulties, lives filled with fear that he will fail the exam only because of the fact that he is a Serb and because they want to kick him out of the force.

Thus begins a story about three very different people who live in the same building and who are unexpectedly and against their will brought together and made dependent on each other.