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The Constitution "a love story abou hate"

The Constitution "a love story abou hate"

Croatia republic, 93 min, DCP

Rajko Grlić

Ante Tomić and Rajko Grlić

Ivan Maloča

Stjepan Perić, Dražen Ķühn, Ecija Ojdanić, Milan Štrljić, Olga Pakalović, Alma Prica

Grand Prix winner at the Montreal Film Festival 2016

The Constitution (Ustav Republike Hrvatske) directed by Rajko Grlic, wins big at the 40th Montreal World Film Festival by taking home the prestigious Grand Prize of the Americas worth $100,000

The Montreal World Film Festival (MWFF) is the only competitive Film Festival in North America recognized by the FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations), and is the only ‘A’ category film festivals in the whole of North America.

Written by Grlic and Ante Tomic, the film tells the story of four very different people live in the same building but avoid each other because of differences in how they live their lives, what they believe in, and where they come from. They would probably never exchange a word, but misfortune pushes them towards each other. Their lives entangle in ways that profoundly challenge deep-held beliefs and prejudices surrounding material status, sexual orientation, nationality and religion. Slowly, and even painfully, they begin to open up to each other and recognize the essential humanity each of them possesses.

Grlic, whose films have won awards at festivals all over the world, and whose You Only Love Once and Bravo Maestro! had its world premiere in Cannes, calls the film "A love story about hate."

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