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The Fountain for Suzanne II.

The Fountain for Suzanne II.

The Fountain for Suzanne II.
Czech republic393 252
Slovak republic343 206
Slovakia, 112 min
© 1993, IN Film Praha, Welcome Film, Slovnaft a.s., MMC Energie Zlín, JMS, Globus Intersonic, SFT Koliba
Dušan Rapoš
Jozef Paštéka, Dušan Rapoš
Peter Beňa
Pavol Habera, Eva Vejmělková, Maroš Kramár, Helena Růžičková, Vladimír Marek, Jiří Růžička ml., Lucie Bílá, Ibrahim Maiga, Pavel Bobek, Peter Mankovecký, Martin Havelka, Drahomíra Hofmanová, Karel Gott, Katarína Šugárová, Milada Rajzíková, Štefan Kožka, Alexandra Záborská, Rasťo Rogel, Jaroslav Mottl, Jana Hubinská, Vašo Patejdl, Marta Rašlová, Jana Svobodová - Mařasová
CZIN Film Praha

Film Fountain for Susan II is the sequel to the successful musical film from the year 1985. Susan has grown up and life has given her the first pain. She picked the wrong company, ended up in prison and after her release, she tries to start again. She meets a friendly driver Juraj, but when it seems that she has found what she was looking for, he leaves her to try his luck in pop music. Susan must defend against her former partner Rony, now a wealthy gangster who tries to seduce her. In the attractive musical film all teenagers find what they are looking for. From the series of action scenes, shootouts, fights, through love, manly friendships of truck drivers and their shiny trucks, to arms smuggling, mafia holding a handful corrupt police and judiciary, lot of songs and humor, and insight into show business.