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The Holy Quaternity

The Holy Quaternity

Czech republic136 799
Slovak republic18 539
Czech Republic, 78 min
© 2012 IN Film
Jan Hřebejk
Ondřej Kopička, Ondřej Galuška
Martin Šácha
Jiří Langmajer, Marika Procházková, Hynek Čermák, Viktorie Čermáková, Luděk Munzar, Jana Gýrová, Valerie Šámalová, Jenovéfa Boková, Gregor Bauer, Barbora Poláková
CZBontonfilm theatrical rights
SKGarfieldfilm theatrical rights
WorldMonte Cristo

Two ostensibly ordinary middle-aged couples, Marie and Vitek, and Dita and Ondra, are linked by more than just a lifelong friendship, a shared house in a small town and same-aged adolescent children: they are linked by love. That is the basic subject of Michael Viewegh’s original romantic comedy.

Both men, Ondra and Vitek, who are work colleagues (as a team they perform in-the-field repairs on electric wires), sincerely love their wives, but they both also harbour a secret yearning for the other’s wife. As soon as they finally find the courage to confess this secret – and when it moreover comes to light that the two women have the same feelings – it’s just a matter of time before their long-suppressed feelings come out…

Although initially it seems that their everyday round of work and family chores leaves no room for showing their feelings, when by a stroke of fortune the foursome find themselves on an almost uninhabited island in the Caribbean none of them can resist the temptation – not even the devout Marie, for whom this “forbidden love” clearly presents a painful personal dilemma. After returning from the exotic paradise the two couples have to confront small-town prejudice, the quiet horror of Ondra’s parents and the uncompromising outraged reaction of Marie’s youngest daughter.