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Novel for Women

Novel for Women

20th June 2011 in the Grand Hall of Švanda Theatre
Novel For Women
Michal Viewegh
Theatre adaptaion:

Dodo Gombár a Martina Kinská
Daniel Hrbek
Oliver, Pažout - Jiří Langmajer,
Laura - Markéta Stehlíková,
Jana, její matka - Ljuba Krbová

Rádio Bonton



World of twentytwo years old Laura is nothing special. Small apartment in Prague suburb, moreover shared with her mother. She fortunately often travels around the world, because she hates Czechs, almost as much as she hates plastic bags. Slowly vanishing relationship with Rickie, who on National Avenue sells cellphones. Night phone calls from friend whose heart was broken again. A stereotypical life in magazine Balanced Woman. Nothing special ... But only until the loner Oliver appears. For Laura "Mr. Divine", for her mother another loser who she did not want to see again.

Theatrical adaptation of the bestseller of Michal Viewegh not only about the everyday troubles in love stories that always somehow look better in cinemas and in books than in our lives. In the books  we are moved by them and laugh with them, in life we have to at least survive them ...