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IN FILM was founded in 1993 by the experienced producer Rudolf Biermann. The company grew very quickly, exploiting the producer's great experience. InFilm produced artistically successful films such as Martin Sulik's The Garden, Orbis Pictus or The Landscape, Matej Minac's All My Loved Ones, or Ivan Fila's award-winning King of Thieves. In addition to critically acclaimed films, InFilm also produced many box office hits that also crossed the borders and proved to be successful not only at the local market. From the Subway with Love, directed by Filip Renc, reached the #1 box office hit in The Czech Republic in 2005, and The Holiday Makers by Jiri Vejdelek, the #1 box office hit in 2006, both films were very well received also at international film festivals, such as Toronto or Tribeca IFF. In 2006 InFilm co-produced Jiri Menzel I served the King of England, which gained many awards in The Czech Republic as well as abroad. From the year 2008 In Film started to cooperate also with a very popular Czech director Jan Hrebejk, and produced films such as Shameless, Kawasaki´s Rose, Innocence or the latest Holy Quaternity. In Film also cooperates with another director Alice Nellis. In 2011 we made together our first movie Perfect Days. The latest one is a successful comedy Revival and it was firstly seen on 11th July 2013. 2014 our last film with Alice Nellis Angels was premiered and this year we started cooperation with director Petr Nikolaev with Dodgeball which hit  #1 box office of 57 000 for the first weekend. 


Special Screening of Masaryk

Tickets to an exclusive screening of the film Masaryk 25.12 - 12.31 2016 at Lucerna cinema!
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Masaryk Conference

Julius Sevcik’s new film MASARYK, which deals with one stage in the life of diplomat and politician Jan Masaryk, is coming to cinemas on 9 March 2017.

The lead character...

Preview screening of Dodgeball in London

Preview screening of Dodgeball in London

On Saturday 7th there was a preview screening of Dodgeball in London Prince Charles Cinema. The screening joined even Woody Harrelson.